Christine And The Queens Chaleur Humaine Lille Full Concert – YouTube

Dear Ladies,

I love music and am always searching for an artist that writes and performs their own material. Many years ago my daughter Lia introduced me to “Christine and the Queens” which is really just Christine who writes and performs her own songs. Her dancing is an organic expression of her songs… each one a little different. The “Queens” part of the name refers back to a group of Queens in a London nightclub who actively believed in her and supported her. Her way of saying an eternal thanks.

Her first album is: Chaleur Humaine which is upbeat and soothing

A sample of her music and dance style:

“Tilted” taken from the Album “Chaleur Humaine”

Other song from the same album

Lia and I went to London for her concert in November 2018 when she was touring for her second album: Chris. Her second album is a bit complicated – lots of messages in the lyrics.

 Chaleur Humaine album is definitely worth a listen!

X Lynn